Host a House Party, Start a Team

Invite a few friends or neighbors over to hear about the challenge and start a team!  It is much more fun to work together.  Share ideas and resources and help each other take actions!

Households: 2 completed, 1 committed
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  • Learn new tips or resources for actions
  • Meet some new neighbors
  • Build community and celebrate successes!

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The Action
We will host a meeting to let others know about the challenge and consider starting a team.
Is this action for me?
Yes! This action is for everyone.
When and Who?
This action can be done anytime by anyone.
How long will it take?
Medium - a couple of hours for the meeting, a bit of time to plan and invite neighbors.
What is the cost?
Possibly a small cost if you choose to provide snacks.


  • Learn new tips or resources for actions

  • Meet some new neighbors

  • Build community and celebrate successes!

The Basics

Hosting a meeting with some neighbors or friends is a great way to let others know about the challenge and how we all can work together to protect our future. It’s easy - just invite them over, check out the site together and share ideas and resources. Consider forming a team!


Decide on a time for the meeting
Invite neighbors or friends
Send email confirmation & reminder for the meeting
Host the meeting
Consider starting a team
Celebrate successes!

Invite your neighbors or friends

Hosting a meeting is an easy way to make a big impact.  Every time a person you connected joins the challenge and takes action, you have made a difference!  It’s like ripples in a lake moving out to have impact far beyond where we started.  The best part - it’s easy to do.

All you have to do is find an hour or two that works for you and invite some friends or neighbors over.  This is a great chance to get to know the neighbors on your block better.  First introduce yourself, and then ask if they would you like to come over one evening and talk about ways we can build a healthier, safer community.  You can mention the program if you would like.  Most folks will have a positive response, even if they can’t make it.  They will likely appreciate that you asked.  After inviting folks, send an email confirmation and reminder to everyone planning to attend.

Host your meeting and make it fun

Make the event fun.  You can make it a potluck or wine and cheese event, whatever sounds good to you.  When your guests arrive, take time to get to know each other a bit better.  Introduce yourself and let them know why you invited them over.  Introduce the challenge briefly and the goal of reducing our impact and creating a safer and healthier future.  Then have everyone introduce themselves and say why they came, or one concern they have about sustainability and our future.  

Then you can take a look at the challenge site together and talk about actions you have already completed and what action you each might want to do.  Share ideas and resources on actions.  For example, if one family is considering buying an electric car and you have just purchased one, share your experiences with the process and what you learned.  You might find that you all learn a few things that will really help you complete actions!

If you would like, we can provide a suggested agenda and some questions for you to use to help guide the meeting.  Just email the coordinator (email in the footer below) and we will help out!

Consider working together as a Team

After discussing actions together you might want to do this again!  This is the main purpose of a team - to work together, encourage each other on and share ideas and resources.  Also, and the best part, celebrate successes!  Teams are encouraged to meet once or twice a year (or more if you would like) to talk about progress, upcoming actions planned and celebrate successes.  Teams are made up of up to 10 households.  You can also keep in contact through your team page on the website.  Check your team's progress and ranking.  Work together to make your team #1!

Building community

In addition to efforts on the challenge, working together also builds community.  You might find yourself getting together for other events, carpooling for kids sporting events or helping each other out on projects.  A strong community is one of the best resources we have to face challenges, and a wonderful place to live!