Take the Train or Subway

Transportation is the largest source of household emissions and accounts for nearly 30 percent of all US carbon emissions.  Taking the train, subway or light rail can reduce your emissions by 60% or more.  And you can skip rush hour traffic and have some extra time to relax!

Households: 2 completed, 5 committed
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Annual Savings
$2 - $10
Upfront Cost
These are estimates

Energy and water savings

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kWh Electricity
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Therms Natural Gas
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Gallons Gas
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  • Save money on car fuel and maintenance
  • Have extra time to read, work or relax
  • Reduce carbon emissions and air pollution

Purchase Air Travel Offsets

We are partnering with Carbon Lighthouse to provide high quality offsets for Air Travel. These offsets remove emissions directly from utilities in the U.S. and support more renewable energy.

For more information, go to Carbon Lighthouse"

Purchase offsets for air miles

Price: $3/1,000 miles

Total price: $

Purchase Once

Purchase Anually

*Purchase just for this year, or subscribe to purchase offsets anually.


The Action
I (or we) will take the train, light rail or subway and reduce our miles traveled by car.
Is this action for me?
If you drive a vehicle, this action is for you!
When and Who?
This action can be done by anyone, anytime.
How long will it take?
Quick - it doesn't take long to check schedules and make a plan.
What is the cost?
Around $2-10 per trip, depending on the distance and local prices.


  • Save money on car fuel and maintenance

  • Have extra time to read, work or relax

  • Reduce carbon emissions and air pollution



Find Carpool & Rideshare Programs with 511


The Youth Clipper card has extended to include 18-year-olds, explore and save now!

Bay Area clean air commute options brought to you by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Use BART QuickPlanner to plan your route from one BART station to another.

The Basics

If you have rail service in your area that provides a convenient route for your regular commute or travels, this is a great way to save money, lower your impact and add some extra time to relax. Taking public transportation has many positive impacts - in addition to lowering carbon emissions it also reduces air pollution and our dependence on foreign oil.


Plan your route
Arrive early
Get a monthly pass or discount card
Bring a book, tablet or headphones

Check out your options and make a plan

Whether you are commuting to work or just planning a day of exploration, check out the public transit options available.  You may be surprised at how convenient they can be.  If you commute during rush hour, it may even save you time on your commute.  The first step - research online to find your options and information on schedules and the closest stops.

If you have a smartphone, there are often apps that can help with trip planning.  When checking out the train schedules, also look for options to get to the train station.  Often there are convenient local bus routes that stop regularly at the train or subway station.  Also consider biking to the train!  Most trains provide accommodations for bikes on the train and some provide bike lockers at train stations.

Finally, check for information on fares.  If you only ride occasionally, it probably makes sense to pay for each trip.  However, if you take the train or subway regularly, a monthly or multiple trip pass can save you a lot of money.  There are usually also discount fares for students, disabled riders and seniors.

Arrive early

Make sure to start early and leave enough time for parking, purchasing a ticket and getting to the right platform.  Mapping your route ahead of time will help your trip to go smoothly.  Some systems have smartphone apps that can provide real time schedule updates to alert you of delays.  Before you board the train, make sure you have the right line (and going in the right direction!).  If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to ask an attendant or other traveler for help finding the right line or your stop.

Relax and enjoy the ride!

Unlike driving, the train allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride.  Whether you like to read the news on your phone, check your email, play a game, read a book, listen to music or just people watch, the train is a great way to relax. However, make sure to not get too lost in your book or game and miss your stop!  It’s also generally a good idea to be aware of your belongings and the people around you.

Put in a good word for public transportation

Public transit provides invaluable services to your community.  From low cost transportation options, to reducing air pollution, to lowering carbon emissions, public transportation is a benefit for all.  Increasing public transportation options is an important part of lowering our impact and protecting our future.  Consider expressing your support to your local elected officials and decision makers.

Success Stories

My partner and I are vegetarianrecycle and compost as much as we can, and lease an EV but as renters, we struggled to identify other steps we could take to reduce our environmental footprint. We also know these actions help save a lot of precious resources and emissions so we wanted a way to quantify the environmental benefits of our current actions.

The Fremont Green Challenge has been a great resource to identify renter-friendly actions and track our progress and financial savings. So far, we have reduced 17.7 tons of carbon! Since joining the Fremont Green Challenge, we realized our biggest impact on the environment is in the transportation sector. I grew up on the east coast and my partner’s family lives in India. Flying to visit family and friends not only costs money but bears a huge environmental burden, releasing tons of greenhouse gases. Since we will continue to visit our families, we learned through the Fremont Green Challenge that we can offset the carbon emitted from our air travel. We quantified the amount of emissions our flights from 2017 released and donated to COTAP, a non-profit based in Oakland that counteracts carbon emissions through certified carbon sequestration forestry projects in developing countries. We are excited to keep using the Fremont Green Challenge to reduce our carbon footprints, and we are now working on taking the train more and combining trips. The Fremont Green Challenge platform allows renters like me to learn about easy actions we can take to reduce carbon and help our City reach its climate action goals.