Upgrade Clothes Dryer

Not all dryers are created equally.  The most important feature? A moisture sensor.  Moisture sensors “sense” when your clothes are dry and know when to turn off—saving 20% or more on the most energy intensive appliance in your home.

Households: 1 completed, 5 committed
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Annual Savings
$500 - $1,000
Upfront Cost
These are estimates

Energy and water savings

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kWh Electricity
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  • Save energy and money
  • Reduce wear and tear and prolong the life of your clothes
  • Reduce carbon emissions and air pollution

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The Action
We will upgrade to an energy efficient dryer with a moisture sensor.
Is this action for me?
If you own a clothes dryer, this action is for you.
When and Who?
This action can be done any time, but is generally best done when your dryer is ready for replacement. Installation is often provided by most retailers with delivery.
How long will it take?
Medium - time to find the right model and coordinate installation.
What is the cost?
Around $500-$1,000 for the dryer, possibly an additional installation charge for gas dryers.


  • Save energy and money

  • Reduce wear and tear and prolong the life of your clothes

  • Reduce carbon emissions and air pollution



Find the best financing options for your energy efficiency project with Go Green Financing.


Tips for energy-efficient clothes dryers from the CA Consumer Energy Center. 

View all ENERGY STAR certified residential clothes dryers.


Shop for energy and money saving products.

The Basics

Your dryer is pretty simple, it heats air up to remove moisture from your clothes. Most dryers have similar efficiency while they are drying your clothes. However, some don’t know when to stop! The end result is a lot of extra energy and money spent on drying your already dry clothes. The solution - a dryer with a moisture sensor that knows when your clothes are dry and when to turn off.


Choose the best dryer for your home
Consider going electric!
Recycle your old appliance

Moisture sensors and other key features

The number one most important feature to look for in a new clothes dryer is the moisture sensor.  The moisture sensor can tell when you're clothes are dry and when to turn off, saving significant energy use.  In addition there are other features that combined can really help lower your energy use and save money.  First, size your dryer to your needs.  An extra large dryer that isn’t filled up means heating extra air every time you dry.  Another useful feature is an auto dry cycle, allowing you to choose a setting from more dry to less dry to get just the amount of drying you need.  

Finally, go Energy Star!  Clothes dryers are a recent category for Energy Star rated appliances.  New features like high performing moisture sensors create even more savings over the average model.  Energy Star dryers are slightly more expensive than regular dryers, but will save you extra money on your bills, about $20 a year.  These are great savings, however, compared to the cost of a new dryer, there is a very long payback time based only on savings.  Given this, it is best to plan to upgrade when you are ready to replace your current dryer.  Schedule it out on your plan!  Get more info on choosing a clothes dryer in this Consumer Reports guide.

Consider going electric!

One of the most important actions we can take to reduce carbon emissions is to choose 100% green electricity and then switch over all of our home appliances to electric.  If you have a gas clothes dryer now, the next time you upgrade consider switching to electric.  If you have not had an electric dryer before, you might need to do a one time upgrade to install an electric outlet for your new clothes dryer.  The cost for the new outlet install will vary based on your current electricity service capacity and wiring.  Check with an electrician to determine what the cost would be for your home.

Install your new dryer and recycle the old one

Installation is generally included as an option with most retailers.  For electric clothes dryers it may be free; with gas dryers there is usually a charge for the installation.  Most retailers will also offer a recycling service and take your old  appliance away at the time of delivery.  There may be a fee for this additional service.  Recycling is an important step to make sure your dryer is disposed of properly and safely!

Tips on Drying to save energy

Now that you have your new dryer, use it wisely!  Check out the Dry Wisely action with tips on how to use your dryer effectively to save energy and money.