FIERCE Fremont Green Challenge High School Competition

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Calling all high schoolers! In exchange for service learning hours, city recognition, and awesome prizes such as Tesla apparel and gift certificates, join FIERCE in their student competition for who can sign up the most households to the Fremont Green Challenge. This competition will start March 5 and will run until Earth Day, Sunday, April 22!

We are accepting teams and students on a rolling basis! If you are interested, please review this presentation and contact Chelsea at 

To find out more information and meet other FIERCE members, please email Chelsea at or Mr. Navarrete, FIERCE's teacher advisor, at 

  • For this competition, students will work in teams of 3 to 5 students to engage with Fremont residents in the environmental, health, and financial benefits of acting on climate change, with the ultimate goal of signing households up to the Fremont Green Challenge platform. 

  • This competition is open to all Fremont FUSD high school students.

  • To participate in this Competition, students and their parents MUST fill out and sign the Volunteer Form found at and email it to Chelsea as soon as possible. 

  • To create awareness and recruit other students, we ask students to add this campaign image to the Facebook profile pictures.

    1. Head to: and follow the steps to change your profile picture.
    2. Create a caption with your Team Name, Members, and Goal. Here’s a sample caption:
      • Goal: To encourage Fremont residents to keep track of their energy usage and to make the small changes that can have a big impact on the environment. Join us! +
    • Team Name: Team Watt’s Up  Team Members: Nikki, Neeti, Thiviya, Anika​

Together, we will create a healthier and more sustainable future for Fremont!

For any questions please email Chelsea Marcell, CivicSpark Climate Fellow at

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